What is the print durability?

There are many factors that determine print longevity including light source, temperature, image impact, weather conditions, human interaction with print surface, etc. Depending on the substrate used and extreme environmental conditions, Litho printing and digital printing can last indefinitely under indoor conditions. Outdoor applications, such as billboards, flags and banners, can last several years, depending on finishing options like over laminates. However with our Latex and UV ink printing process our banner printing and outdoor large format printing lasts longer than ever and we have not had issues with colour fading or excessive wear and tear, this is without any form of lamination!


What materials are available?

Apart from the wide variety of paper and card stocks we have or can order for next day delivery, we also have a huge variety of materials for any application. Our UV-curable flatbed printer can print on most materials up to 4″ thick – from plastics to wood products to doors and ceiling tiles – its an endless list. The most common forms of print materials that we print on and always stock are various types of paper from gloss, silk, uncoated and bond from 80gsm upto 400gsm. We also stock plenty of large format material from our most commonly used 550gsm PVC, 5mm foamex, 10mm foamex and adhesive vinyl to name but a few.


Do you have a catalogue?

Our goal is to utilize this website as our primary catalogue. There are a number of advantages: we can show many more types of products in this website than in a traditional catalogue, it can be updated constantly, anyone anywhere can view it instantly, and it doesn’t waste paper. It also keeps our overheads down to a minimum, and savings are reflected in our cheap print prices!


How big does my file need to be?

For most viewing distances, we prefer 300 dpi at the final output size,150dpi at half size is also acceptable for format graphics only. If you are unsure of what this means, please contact us and we will explain.


How long will it take to do my job?

Most large jobs can be completed within 2 to 5 business days from receipt of your artwork. For smaller quantities, our goal is within 24 to 48 hours – dependent upon project specific material availability.


Can I get a colour proof?

Colour proofs are optional and available upon request for a minimal fee. Proofs are not always necessary. However if you choose NOT to inspect a colour proof, your job will be produced “AS IS” as per your supplied art. We will gladly email a PDF proof of your graphics project FREE of charge with the understanding that transmissive colour is different than reflective colour and what you see on an RGB computer monitor may be vastly different than what is printed with the CMYK process colours.


Do you take credit cards?

Most major credit cards are accepted, however we do pass on the surcharge which is currently 5%. There is NO charge for debit cards. UPDATE 04/02/2013 - PLEASE NOTE: We have stopped taking credit or debit cards, this is due to the lack of demand, most of our clients are businesses and are able to do immediate bank transfers so we would rather we all save the bank charges and just operate in this way. - Now you can transfer money from your phone, mobile device, laptop - it’s easy and best of all FREE.


Can you install the graphics for me?

We can perform installations and we have specialists for this critical part of the project. Minimum charge is half day regardless of how small the job may be, so please bear that in mind when asking for a quote. Our charges are very reasonable but unfortunately skilled labourers are not cheap! For onsite vehicle graphics the charge is reduced and based on distance. Just Call for more info.


Do you offer credit terms?

We work on a strict payment up front policy. If you are a large organisation, school or charity or you order very frequently then you may be eligible for a 30 day account. Please ask for more details.


Do you offer die cutting?

Yes we do offer die cutting for paper and card printing and we also have the ability to cut your rigid or rolled material into almost any custom shape you can imagine. There are some limitations to consider on certain materials and we will immediately notify you if this situation arises. We stock a variety of die’s and if we do not have the shape you require a new die can be produced at minimal cost.


Where are you located?

We are located in Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex and also have our head office in east London, Bethnal Green. However our East London office is not open to the public. Please see “Location” on our “Contact Us” page for directions and a map to our facility.


What software and file types do you accept?

We accept all media types in either Mac or PC platforms. See “Artwork Guidelines“.


How large of an image can you print? How wide can you print without a seam?

There are virtually NO size limitations. The material PRINT widths available for our vinyl's are 3.2m from a 50 meter roll (164 ft). We can print this size without a seam on our banners. We can seam panels together to make any size image that you require. For rigid materials – we are limited to the available sizes available from manufacturers. Most boards come in 4×8 sheets and some go up to 5×10.


Where can I view a current price list?

Other than prices on our website we do not have any other price lists. We don’t want to get excluded from a project based on a price on a website. We want to talk with you about your project, make suggestions and produce the best work possible to meet your budget. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote. For standard items then you will find our prices on this site.


What if there’s a problem with my order?

In the course of our prepress workflow, if we come across an issue that needs to be addressed – we will contact you as quickly as possible to correct any errors or omissions. We will also gladly make suggestions to make your project more successful based on the artwork provided.


Do we print on different colour substrates?

We selected our high resolution UV-curable platform because of its ability to print with white ink which allows us the flexibility to print to a broader range of materials including dark and coloured materials. This opens many more possibilities for you to get creative with your project.


What is wide format digital printing?

Wide format printing generally refers to output larger than tabloid sizes, or about 11×17. At Just Printing, wide format usual means anything above A3 to beyond billboard sizes. Keep in mind that “wide format” doesn’t strictly relate to material size, but also refers to the wide variety of substrates available that we can print upon.


How is digital printing different from traditional printing methods like offset printing?

Digital printing is low cost in small quantities, with very little or even no loss in quality. Wide format inkjet or latex printing does not require the hugely expensive commercial offset lithography presses. Wide format allows for changes of each piece regardless of the image size. Traditional print methods are limited in their maximum material size – usually around 40″ on a standard 6-color press. Wide format can print a lot BIGGER!


What are the applications of large-format digital printing?

Large format digital printing can be used on many applications such as posters, displays, shop signs, point-of-purchase displays, point of sale displays, banners, fleet graphics, vehicle graphics, murals, billboards, custom fabric, wallpaper…etc.

How accurate is the color? Can you match PMS colors?

For any other questions Just contact Just Printing