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Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Bio Friendly, Green … all words to describe a growing industry trend toward ecological consciousness and responsibility. Many printing companies talk about – and some even try to implement it, but too many fall short of all the good things that could be done to make a difference with the products they produce and the way in which they make them. We strongly believe that all businesses have a duty of care towards the environment. So we’re working hard to reduce our own carbon emissions and to produce digital and litho printing as well as large format graphics in a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

To do this, we’re focusing on three main areas: our own work environment, the substrates that we produce our work on and the way in which our work is produced and disposed of. We don’t believe you need any external certification by some agency you have never heard of in order to do the right thing. Its quite simple – we just do it.

Here are some ways we are helping the environment one day at a time:

This is what we are doing…

We use Eco-Solvent ink, which is virtually odourless and contains no harmful VOC’s and have recently purchased a latex large format printer enables us to significantly reduce the impact that printing has on the environment. he majority of our work is produced with UV-curable technology (see below for why this is important) We provide paperless email proofs and billing and use electronic communication for as many things as possible. We recycle all of our paper, waste, trimmed board and banner pieces. We pay attention to consistent quality, which reduces re-prints. We use *bio-degradable banner material and foam core (*additional cost) We recycle ALL of our ink / toner cartridges for every printer in our factory. We install perforated window film to dramatically reduce energy used to heat and cool offices Installed energy efficient light bulbs Installed a 24/7 programmable thermostat Turn computers and devices off at night Buy only recycled office paper & supplies Recycle bins for all paper, plastic, glass & cans Never print out emails unless it is absolutely necessary.

This is what you can do…

Eco friendly media – Recyclable, Recycled, Biodegradable, Sustainable Host Media's UV-curable option vs. competitive technologies.

Ultra violet light is a form of energy that can be used to cure links and coatings in the printing process. UV inks contain no solvents, oils or hazardous compounds to be oxidized or evaporated into the environment. UV printing offers the use of a wider choice of substrates given its ability to cure instantly on the surface. Performance advantages and low to zero emission benefits make this the best choice for print providers committed to providing their customers with the highest quality sustainable solutions.